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Duct Cleaning – Do You Need It?

Why bother with this? Pollutants enter the home through cooking, cleaning, smoking, pets, and just general moving around in your home. All of this could contribute to respiratory infections, allergies, and possible rodents. That’s why air duct cleaning is important.

The humidity collected from the summer heat including the recent heavy rains could be leaving mold residue on your heating and cooling system. If any of your air ducts became wet or moldy they should be replaced immediately.

Do you see debris or particles coming in from your air vents? Have you had recent updates or renovations to your home? Air ducts just get dirty. The elderly, family members with asthma, and children are the most susceptible to reactions from poor indoor air quality. Air conditioner units take in air and breathe air out of the home. Dander, dust, and chemicals are circulated 5-7 times daily and could cause a build-up of contaminants in your duct work. Over time the inferior air quality could be contributed to infections of family members.

There could be many reasons this is occurring, but wouldn’t you rather have a professional come out, inspect it, and see if you need air duct cleaning on your system?

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