Geothermal Air Conditioning Systems in Huntsville

Horizontal Ground Loop System

This type of design is cost effective on smaller projects or where there is sufficient space for the loop to be installed. Trenches, three to six feet deep, are created and a series of parallel plastic pipes are laid inside them. These loops are folded and connected to the heat pump where the fluid is then circulated, absorbing or rejecting heat from the earth depending on the mode of operation. A typical horizontal loop will be 400 to 600 feet long, but will vary according to the soil type and the layout of the piping. Usually these alterations are in place due to space restrictions.

Vertical Ground Loop System

This type is used mainly in commercial buildings where the need for heating and cooling is strong but the space restrictions are high. Vertical holes 100 to 400 feet deep are drilled in the ground and a single loop of pipe with a U-tube at the bottom is installed. The borehole is then sealed with grout to ensure good contact with the soil. The vertical ground loops are connected to a horizontal underground header pipe that carries fluid to the unit. The earth’s temperature is more stable farther below the surface, which is an advantage for the systems rapid cooling and heating needs. Vertical ground loop fields may be located under buildings or parking lots, making them extremely convenient for large establishments. The life expectancy is in excess of 50 years, proving reliability and ease of functionality.


Geothermal heating and cooling is an incredibly efficient method of heating and cooling your home or business. It works by using the consistent temperature of the ground beneath the earth’s surface. The beauty of this system is that the operating costs are consistently low, both for heating and cooling. The use of naturally occurring elements to control the temperature of your home works almost flawlessly.

Fantastic 30% Energy Tax rebates from the government and manufacturers make this the perfect time to upgrade or install a closed loop, water source heat pump. You can achieve the highest energy efficiency with these systems without sacrificing comfort! They are perfect for residential, commercial, government or institutions such as schools and churches. Geothermal really is a great long term answer without leaving a big carbon footprint.

If you are interested in learning more about geothermal heating and cooling, or simply want to discuss it further with a specialist, feel free to call us at EASCO Air. We would love to share everything we know about geothermal with you, and we will even come out for no charge and look at your property to help you determine if geothermal heating and cooling is a viable option.