Is Your Home In Need Of An Electrical Evaluation?


The electrical wiring in homes is an invisible system, yet is essential to everything we do in our homes. The wiring in older homes was never designed for the sheer number of appliances and electronic equipment most homes use today. And with the changing seasons, A/C and heat demands will tax even new systems (ten years old or less). It’s possible you may be at risk even before plugging in Christmas lights this year! Be aware that wires deteriorate as they age, leaving you and your family in danger of an electrical fire.

To help determine if your home needs an electrical safety evaluation,
ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your home 7 years old or older?
  • Has your home had a major addition or renovation or major new appliance added in the last 10 years?
  • Do your lights often flicker or dim momentarily?
  • Have any of your circuit breakers tripped?
  • Are your outlets and light-switch face plates cracked, hot to the touch or discolored?
  • Do you have extension cords and multiple power strips permanently in use around the house?
  • Some older homes may have fused circuits or breaker panels that have lost their UL ratings for safety.

If you answered yes to any one of these questions — and especially if you answered yes to several — consider having one of our licensed electricians perform a 10-Point Electrical Safety Evaluation at your home.

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We’ll give you an expert analysis of your home’s electrical needs.

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