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Common Air Duct Mold Signs

Mold is something that you don’t want in your Willis, TX, home, but it is something that you definitely don’t want inside of your air ducts. While mold can grow anywhere in your home where there are the right conditions (i.e., moisture and ‘food’ to help it proliferate) it is easier to contain if it is growing in a localized spot.

When it grows in your air ducts, the air quality is greatly diminished, right at the source. As the air moves through your ductwork, it pulls the spores along with it, spreading the danger throughout your home. Mold can grow undiscovered for an extended period of time unnoticed when it is growing somewhere out of the way, like behind the walls or in your air ducts.

Rest assured though that there are certain telltale signs to take note of, letting you know that you have a problem. If you are worried, the best course of action for your peace of mind is to contact a certified mold technician to test and arrange for removal.

Here is what you need to watch for.

Ongoing Health Issues

“healthissues”With mold spores circulating in your house, you have low air quality. When you have low air quality, you are more likely to get sick. A number of health ailments that are commonly associated with other health conditions (i.e., colds, allergies) are actually being caused by household mold in your air ducts.
If you or your family is experiencing: dizziness, congestion, rashes and nasal irritation, this could be because you’ve been exposed to mold.

Strong Mildew Smell Everywhere

“strongsmell”Mold has a smell that you’d recognize anywhere: it is musty and pungent. However, when mold is growing in part of your home (like in your basement or due to a plumbing leak in your bathroom), you will only smell it there.

If the smell is present in your whole home, that is because the ductwork runs to all corners of your home. The mold spores spread as the air circulates, so you recognize that odor everywhere.

Visual Signs to be on Guard for

“visiblemold”One of the easiest ways to determine if you have mold in your ducts is to take a look. When mold grows inside, you will see something that looks like foam on the exterior of the ducts. Also, you may see stains.

Don’t hope for the best when it comes to household mold and air quality. Get your ducts cleaned on a regular basis, which will remove debris and reduce the likelihood that mold will grow there.