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Heat Distribution Systems: What You Should Know

Most people know that their heater keeps them warm during the winter. That’s it, that is the end of their knowledge--unless you count operating the thermostat.

Unfortunately, this limited knowledge is not enough to be useful when it comes to repairs or even when trying to communicate a problem with a technician.

To help resolve this, we’re going to guide you through a few other facts you should know--keep reading for more information!

Do You Know What Type of Heat Distribution System You Have?

This question may be worded oddly, but it is for a reason. First off, ‘heat distribution system’ is just a fancy word for a heater. The term ‘heater’ has developed into an interchangeable expression to describe any unit that provides warmth to your home, including:

  • distributionFurnaces- create heat through combustion and powered by electricity, oil, or gas.
  • Boilers- heat water to send through special piping of the home which will radiate warmth.
  • Heat pumps- transfer heat from outside air to the inside using electricity and refrigerant.

Although these are just the three main types, keep in mind that other heater will keep you just as warm. These other heaters might include fireplaces, space heaters, and radiant floor heating.

Trying to Save Money? Don’t Close The Vents!

ventIt might sound like a great idea to close off vents to help control the amount of heat in a room. Unfortunately, this idea is quite opposite of ‘good.’

When an air supply vent is closed, this creates a change in pressure making it more difficult for the return vent to accumulate air from other sources.

Basically, you end up wasting energy and spending more money by trying to control air flow. If the air flow in a room is important to you, consider zone-control heating and cooling options like ductless mini-split AC systems, which allow for control of air flow and temperature in each room.

Cost Saving Methods That Actually Work

moneyWhen you are trying to save money on your heating expenses this winter, there are a few steps that you can take to see great results.

The first step will be to call the professionals at Easco Air for a routine inspection and tune-up. Ensuring that your heater is working properly will keep you from dreaded high dollar electric or gas bills.

Additionally, ensure that all air leaks have been sealed and that your thermostat is set sensibly (you don’t need to recreate your summer beach trip.) Stay on top of your heating air filter changes because a dirty filter makes for a less efficient system. Reversing your ceiling fans will also help keep the warmed air away from the ceiling and closer to the people that want it.

Being Informed About Your Heater

The easiest way to consistently save money on your heating bills is by being informed about whatever type of heater you have. The internet is a lovely thing and can tell you almost anything you want to know.

However, if you don’t trust the sites you’ve seen or aren’t sure which information applies to your system, give the professionals at Easco Air a call! We can help you learn the ins and outs of your heating distribution unit!