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Your Total Guide to HVAC Replacement vs. Repair

Something many homeowners in Willis, TX deal with when faced with a broken down HVAC system is what exactly to do. Should I repair or replace the air conditioner? Can the furnace be fixed or do I buy a new one? In most cases, repairs cost less than buying new machines, but at what point should you seriously think about purchasing replacement units?

One must be able to look at the overall picture and determine which is the right call. Learning to read the signs of equipment nearing the end can be extremely handy. Here's what you should be paying attention to when it comes to evaluating key home comfort devices.

Air Conditioner in Decline

“airconditionerf”The average lifetime of an air conditioner is about 12 years. When a unit approaches this age, it often begins to exhibit signs of a device in decline and may break down more frequently.

If your AC unit struggles to produce cool air, has diminished airflow, starts making strange noises or emits a weird smell, these are all bad signs. At this point, you should look into purchasing an air conditioner replacement.

Air conditioners are delicate and sophisticated machines, which make maintaining them for an extended period of time a difficult task. Learn to let go when it's time and embrace newer models, which are likely more energy efficient.

Furnace on the Fritz

“furnacef”A good furnace might last you about 17 years, but anything beyond that and you should seriously think about finding a replacement. Like every other device in your home, your furnace will develop problems at an accelerated pace the older it gets.

If you notice it struggles to warm up your home or starts making strange, loud noises, these aren't good signs. Furnaces are capable of lasting much longer than the 17-year mark, but you shouldn't count on it. Don't hold on for too long, and don't hesitate to purchase a furnace replacement if deemed necessary.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

“thermostatf”Thermostats are designed to simply regulate a home's temperature, but that doesn't mean these devices operate perfectly all the time. In fact, a busted thermostat could greatly affect the climate in your home and ultimately your utility costs.

If you experience rapidly fluctuating temperatures or notice the reading on the thermostat doesn't match up with the temperature in the room, these are major problems that need to be addressed and may require thermostat replacement.