The AC Isn't Haunted, It Just Needs Repairs

That Banging and Clanging from the Air Conditioner Isn’t a Restless Spirit

It’s that time of year when decorations turn orange and large varieties of gourds begin to turn up on every corner. From spicy pumpkins to ghostly wind and rain, tis’ the season of the spooks. Even the homes people cherish may offer up unwanted startling sounds that cause people to question the existence of spirits in the physical realm. 

The central air conditioning system may be the source of many of these disturbing sounds. In all likelihood, it is merely a reminder that the unit needs attention.

Loud Percussive Soundshvac

That bang, bang, banging is not a poltergeist but is parts that have rattled loose from the inside of the home’s air conditioning unit. The rattling could be caused by debris such as sticks and leaves that have fallen into the unit. One may easily remove this, but whether the problem is debris or loose parts in the unit itself, AC maintenance will be necessary. Here are a few of the services a technician may need to perform to rid the unit of the noise:

  • Cleaning: The filter needs to be cleaned and replaced and the debris removed to ensure nothing is getting caught in the fan or other moving parts. 
  • Replacing parts: If the banging is coming from something internal, parts may need to be tightened or replaced due to wear and tear. 
  • AC Replacement: If there are loose parts within the compressor housing, then there may not be a way to fix it without replacing the entire unit.

Screeching and Grinding Noisescompressor

What if a homeowner doesn’t hear banging but instead hears a high-pitched whine or a growling grinding? This may result from a few different maintenance issues, and there are several parts that an HVAC professional would investigate and repair throughout a visit. 
  • Belts: The belts that power the blower or the fan may be wearing down and need replacement.
  • Fans: There may be damage or obstruction to the fan itself. 
  • Loose Parts: Some connections or belts may have come loose and need to be tightened or rebalanced.
  • Compressor: If the pressure within the unit’s compressor is too high, this can cause a screaming sound. This is a very dangerous problem and needs to be dealt with immediately.

Hisses and Whistles from the Coolant Tubes

There are no witches in the ducts, but the home may need air conditioner replacement. Hissing from an air conditioning unit is typically the result of a leak in the refrigerant tubes. These tubes contain the gas that removes heat from the home and cools when sent through the compressor, and the fan blows air over these cold tubes, sending cooler air into the home. 

A leak in these tubes can be harmful to the people who live in the home because of the escaping gas and can also cause the inconvenience of a frozen air conditioning unit on an extremely hot day. 

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