Choosing the Best Thermostat Settings for Any Season of The Year

Save Money by Changing The Thermostat Settings

As the seasons change, many people wonder how to optimize their home's thermostat temperature. The perfect temperature for both warm and cold months needs to be comfortable for folks while also saving the most energy and money possible. Read on to learn about the ideal temperature for both warm and cold months. It is also important to remember to change temperature settings when nobody is home to help save energy and money.

The Perfect Thermostat Setting for Cold Months

cold monthsAs the warmth makes way for cooler weather like Fall and Winter months, finding the perfect thermostat temperature can be tricky. Turning up the heat can be tempting as winter sets it, but it is important to pick a temperature that is both comfortable and energy-efficient.

The average effective thermostat temperature during the colder months of fall and winter is 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the best temperature to keep the thermostat on during the working day when the house is empty.

All households are different, so this number should be used as a guideline rather than a rule. However, aiming to keep the thermostat at 70 degrees during cold months will help save energy and money.

Stay Cool and Save Energy in the Summer

During the Spring months and Summer too, people think of relaxing by the pool, picnics, and cooling off with ice cream and lemonade. But as the weather warms, some people wonder how to make their AC system as efficient as possible.

warm months

Warmer months can bring high electricity bills, but these can be managed by setting the thermostat to 78 degrees whenever possible. By keeping the thermostat at 78 when no one’s home, changing to different temperatures when people are home will be easier and use less energy.

Adjust Thermostat Settings When No One’s Home

empty houseIt is important to remember that the above temperatures are average settings for homes that are left empty during the working day. Keeping the thermostat set to 70 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and 78 degrees in the summer can help save money and energy during the day.

These temperature settings also allow easier transitions to other temperatures when people are home. This means that the unit does not need to work as hard because these recommended temperatures are within a regular room temperature scale.

Every household can be comfortable while still saving energy and money by using the suggested temperatures above. Consider a programmable thermostat that changes temperature settings at different times of the day. This can help save even more energy and money by streamlining the process!

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