Making Their Own Luck: Pros Share Tips for AC Repair

March Tips for AC Maintenance

Spring is just around the corner, and the air conditioning will soon be humming away to keep homes comfortable as the temperatures increase. Just as any appliance may need a bit of attention after sitting idle, a home’s air conditioning unit may need a bit of tweaking before it is fully ready to keep a house cool. Here are a few suggestions for keeping the air conditioner in working order, preventing the dreaded emergency AC repair phone call. 

Keep the Air Filter Clean

filter One of the first things that should be done when a homeowner is getting ready to turn on their cooling unit is to clean or replace the air filters. Air filters are an essential part of a central heating and cooling system. They capture pollutants such as pollen, dust, pet hair, and the like. This capture prevents the spread of such irritants and the subsequent breathing difficulties from such a spread.

As the air filter traps these particles, it is more difficult for the air to flow through the filter and the AC unit has to work harder. This can lead to the need for AC repair. Air filter replacement or cleaning every 3 months is highly recommended for keeping the AC unit at its most efficient. 

Troubleshoot the Thermostat

thermostatIf the air conditioning unit has been properly maintained but still isn’t cooling the way it should, the problem may be with the thermostat or thermostats. If the thermostat is not measuring the temperature properly or not communicating with the AC unit, then the house will grow uncomfortable very quickly.

Here are a few of the reasons the temperature on the thermostat and the temperature in the home may not be matched up and how to fix them:

  • Dusty Thermostat: If the thermostat has not been cleaned, then the likelihood that it has dust accumulation is very high. A gentle dusting with a cloth or canned air is a good way to clean the thermostat.
  • Loose Wiring: Make sure the connections within the thermostat are tight.
  • Broken Temperature Sensors: A thermostat cannot do its job without a working thermometer. The whole unit may need to be replaced.
  • Auto Mode/Locked Mode: Some thermostats have a setting that does not allow the temperature to be adjusted. Check the owner’s manual for setting instructions.

Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance

The best way to prevent emergency air conditioner repair is to call the professionals before the unit stops working. Air conditioner maintenance is key to keeping a hard-working AC unit up and running. Maintenance should be done every six months and includes the following tasks which ultimately keep the machine in its best possible condition:

  • Filter changing
  • Tightening electrical connections
  • Cleaning the coils
  • Checking coolant levels
  • Replacing coolant
  • Replacing damaged parts
  • Cleaning the duct system and checking for damage

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