Staying in This Valentine's Day? Make Sure the Temperature Works Well!

Optimizing Heating for a Romantic Night in

Who doesn't like the warm heat that generates from central heating equipment? This warmth is especially appreciated during the cold months, where many romantic night-ins occur, like Valentine's Day.

To enjoy a romantic night, homeowners should double-check that their central heating service is working efficiently. If not, this can cause an increase in energy bills as the system struggles to work hard to frequently push warm water inside to raise the temperature.

Check for Drafts in Windows and Doors

The first thing that homeowners should check for is drafts. Most of the time, drafts are small but can cause headaches! Thankfully, this issue is easily fixable, and most times, homeowners won't need to contact their local heating company.

Energy-efficient heating is not possible either if there are drafts in the windows or doors. Why is that? Drafts are caused by small tears, cracks, or holes. This allows air to release, making it hard for the inside of a home to stay at the set temperature.

Drafts are easy to miss because they are small! It is best to call an HVAC contractor to focus on finding the problem. With years of experience and many tools, they can find the exact cause of a homeowner's heating problems.

Look into Installing Energy Star Certified Windowswindows

If homeowners are looking into optimizing home heating, they can look at the energy star-certified windows options. These windows are easy to use and install, but it is best to call an HVAC contractor as the windows are fragile.

Unlike normal windows, energy star-certified windows work by purposefully creating a thick seal, not allowing any drafts to form. There are many different types for all kinds of homes and clients!

For example, it is best to find a window with shade in states and locations where it is primarily hot. This way, the thickness can keep the cool air in, and the shading property repels the sun's harsh rays.

contractorMake Sure Equipment Is Worked on By a Reputable Heating Contractor

Before hiring just anyone, homeowners should research heating and HVAC contractors. Although there are many great contractors, not everyone specializes in the services that homeowners are looking for.

The best way to do this is by doing research. Thankfully, many contracting companies have google reviews with photos. Reviewers and past customers can post photos, praise, and complaints of the job completed.

Not only are good reviews necessary, but small things like certifications, licenses, and insurance. Always pick a company with full insurance so all belongings are taken care of. Homeowners need to protect themselves when allowing a heating contractor to look over their equipment and home.

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