Ways To Beat the Heat This Summer

Three Easy Ways To Stay Cool in the Summer Heat

It’s the heart of summer, and people everywhere are looking for ways to keep the summer heat at bay. And few places in the country know more about summer heat (not to mention humidity) than Southeast Texas. Cranking up the air conditioner will certainly get the job done - but it will also make for a heftier utility bill at the end of each month. As an alternative, many homeowners are getting a little more creative about beating the heat this year. Read on to discover three simple ways to keep cool in the summer months without spending a fortune on cooling.

Shower With Lower Water Temperatureshower

The first way to cool off on a hot summer day (or night) is to take cold showers. Most people will understandably be hesitant to do this one at first - it’s not exactly the most comfortable thing in the world! But most people also find that it gets easier after the first few times. And on a hot day, it can be downright blissful.

But the benefits of taking cold showers extend beyond cooling off. They can also positively affect health in several ways - increasing circulation, metabolism, and alertness, stimulating the nervous system, promoting a more powerful immune response, and reducing stress, to name a few. As a bonus, cold showers also mean lower water heating costs!

Use Cooling Bed Sheets

The next way to keep cool is to swap out the bedspread for more breathable materials. Staying cool in the daytime is one thing, but it’s arguably more important at night. Studies have shown that being too warm can interfere with the body’s natural sleep patterns and lead to poor sleep quality. And anyone who’s ever woken up covered in sweat knows that overheating in the night is no fun at all.

Of course, it will help keep the thermostat set to a low temperature (around 67 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal), but this can significantly inflate the utility bill. Using lighter, more breathable sheets and blankets can help regulate body temperatures, prevent overheating, and promote healthier sleep. Some great cooling materials include cotton, bamboo, Percale, Tencel, and linen.

hvac filter

Change the AC Air Filter Regularly

The third way to beat the summer heat is to replace the AC intake filter regularly. Air conditioners rely on a steady, cyclical airflow to pull warm air in, cool it, and distribute it throughout the house. A dirty or dust-clogged air filter will constrict airflow and make it harder for the AC unit to do its job effectively.
Not only will this make it harder for the home to get cool and stay cool, but it will also put undue strain and wear on the unit over time. Keeping the filter clean will improve unit efficiency and help extend its lifespan. For most homes, replacing the air filter every 3 months will be adequate, but for those with pets or in particularly dusty areas, more frequent replacements may be necessary. Not only is this one of the best things homeowners can do for their HVAC systems, but it’s also one of the most effortless ways to stay cool all summer long.

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