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Should You Schedule AC Maintenance Now?

Get an AC Tune-Up Before the Heat of Summer Arrives!

Spring is in full splendor, and many homeowners in Southeast Texas are already running their air conditioners daily to beat the heat and humidity. And with summer just a few short weeks away, those AC systems will only be working harder and longer over the next few months. This is when most AC problems and breakdowns occur, thanks to the increased workload and strain on the unit. 

Fortunately, by having the AC serviced by a qualified professional, homeowners can avoid these issues - but those who wait until the last minute to schedule their tune-up may be in for a rude awakening! So read on to learn three key reasons why scheduling AC maintenance is so important before the start of summer!

Secure a Better Service Window

schedulingAs temperatures rise, so do calls for AC repairs and services. As such, summer tends to be the busiest time of year for most HVAC companies in warmer climates. This can make securing a convenient time slot on the schedule difficult. Sometimes, homeowners may even find themselves waiting days or weeks for a technician to make it out to service their air conditioning system. After all, even a highly proficient and well-staffed company can only handle so many calls in a given day!

But by scheduling their AC tune-up in the spring, homeowners can avoid the rush and essentially take their pick of available service windows. This way, they’ll have their maintenance taken care of by the time the summer heat and humidity roll in - and with minimal inconvenience or disruption to their schedule!

Keep the AC Going Strong All Summer Long

Aside from getting a jump on the crowd, scheduling air conditioner maintenance in the spring also helps prepare the system for the summer months ahead. In a typical AC tune-up, professionals perform a laundry list of tasks designed to catch issues early, improve the unit’s performance and efficiency, and mitigate the effects of wear & tear.

A well-maintained AC system is less likely to break down or develop issues that require repairs, which means that homeowners won’t have to worry about getting stuck without a working air conditioner - a nightmare scenario in the dog days of summer (especially during the peak of the busy season, when it can take a long time for a technician to come out). 

An AC unit that’s been properly maintained will also run more efficiently since all of its components will be clean, lubricated, and tested for optimal performance. And since the air conditioner is responsible for a large percentage of a typical home’s overall energy usage, any boost in energy efficiency can significantly reduce the monthly energy bills!

Improve the AC Unit’s Lifespan

acStaying on top of AC maintenance doesn’t just improve energy efficiency and reduce the need for repairs, but it also helps the unit last longer. Indeed, routine maintenance can add multiple years to the life of an air conditioner. Conversely, a lack of proper maintenance is the number one cause of AC problems and premature breakdowns.

Of course, components will eventually fail, and wear & tear will add up over time. Still, maintenance is all about dealing with these inevitabilities as best as possible and minimizing the damage they can do. This means a longer-lasting system and a more reliable one, even as the unit approaches the end of its life expectancy. For these reasons, spring maintenance is the key to keeping the AC strong - not just this summer but for many summers to come!

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