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Why Worry About Testing Your Heater?

Have you ever experienced a broken heater? No matter what time of year it occurs, it is always not only frustrating but also potentially expensive.

Now that we are heading into the cooler months here in Conroe, it is even more important to test your heater before you experience any heating emergencies.

Today we’ll discuss multiple things that can go wrong with your heating system and what you should do about it to keep your heat working perfectly and your family safe.

How to Identify Problems With Your Thermostat

thermostatproblemsBefore starting to panic about a potential problem with your heater, check your heater’s thermostat.

Often, what gets identified as a larger, more expensive problem can be fixed by simply fixing a setting or changing the temperature.

If you’re unsure where your thermostat is located, check your manual or give us a call for assistance. Why spend the money to replace the entire system unnecessarily?

Thermostats can easily get bumped or nudged, or a child can turn it up or down without you knowing. Give it a quick check before seeking more in-depth assistance and your wallet will thank you.

Another option is to purchase a programmable thermostat, which can save you money as it learns your patterns and preferred usage. Our team is always happy to help you decide what would be right for your home.

How to Check Your Circuit Breaker

circuitbreakerOne of the most common reasons that heaters stop working is a problem with your circuit breaker. Even if your heater is working in perfect shape, an old or defective circuit breaker in your home can make it seem as though the problem is in your appliance and not in your home.

Some of the common signs that you might have an issue with your circuit breaker are that you may notice a burning smell coming from your electrical panel, that it will not stay reset after you do it, or that it obviously looks older. Learning how to identify and reset your circuit breaker is one of the best things you can do to monitor the health of your heating system yourself.

What to do With a Blown Fuse

blownfuseAnother common issue that may cause problems with your heater is blown fuses. Luckily, blown fuses are incredibly easy to detect and can be found simply by checking your home’s fuse box.

While inspecting your fuse box for a blown fuse, make sure to also check for other signs of problems, including noticeable burns on the front panel, melted wires, and any off-color glass.

If you notice any of those things, please immediately contact us and we will be happy to send someone out to make sure to not only keep your heater working but also to make sure your family stays safe from a potential house fire.

If you have questions about how to check your heater for any of the issues that we’ve discussed today, or if you want to discuss other potential problems with your heating system, contact us here at Easco Air Conditioning and Heating by giving us a call at (936) 539-2653. Don’t put your family at risk, call today!