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The Importance of Freon in Your AC System

What You Should Know About Freon

If you’ve ever been without a working AC system in the summer months, you know how uncomfortable-- and even downright dangerous— it can be. But, it’s often hard to determine what’s wrong with your AC system, especially if it’s still blowing air into your home and cooling it somewhat. Since you don’t sit around all day and listen to how long your AC is on, you often won’t know something is wrong until you get a massive bill to pay.

That’s why, in this article, you’ll learn some telltale signs that you have a freon leak. While these leaks aren’t the most common issue facing AC systems, they can be costly if they go untreated. If you suspect you have a freon leak, this article will tell you what to look for and the importance of freon in your AC system.

How Does Freon Work?

what is freonFreon is a chemical that can work to exchange temperatures with the environment around it. Because of this, Freon, which is actually a registered trademark, is classified as a refrigerant. There are several types of refrigerants, but Freon is the most widely used in AC systems.

As you can guess, Freon is essential to the proper function of your AC system because it is used to cool the warm air in your home. So, when a Freon leak occurs, it can cause all kinds of problems. AC techs are trained to fix Freon leaks, but it’s a bit of a process.

First, the tech has to remove all the remaining Freon from the system in order to find the leak. Fixing the leak often involves soldering the spot. Once the leak has been fixed, the tech will test the leak before refilling the Freon. However, in older AC systems, one leak usually means more to come. Many people have been opting to replace their evaporator coils with new, aluminum coils, which have been shown to resist corrosion that causes leaks.

Signs You Need HVAC Services

There are several signs to look for if you think you might have a Freon leak. Most commonly, as mentioned above, your AC system runs for longer than usual, increasing your utility bill in the process. If you notice that the temperature in your home never gets down to where you set the thermometer, you could have a freon leak.

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You can also walk to your outdoor unit and check to see if you see ice buildup on any of the lines from the unit. Ice buildup is a telltale sign that your unit is low on refrigerant. Keep in mind that Freon doesn’t get used up like gas in a car. So, if you are low on Freon, it means there’s a leak somewhere in your system.

Freon Maintenance and Prevention Tips

freon maintenanceA well-maintained HVAC system can help prevent Freon leaks. While sometimes leaks aren’t preventable, regular AC maintenance can help you catch problems before they spiral out of control. For starters, change your air filters and clean your outdoor unit regularly.

Most HVAC companies offer regular maintenance packages that take care of the big stuff for you. When you have a professional HVAC tech check on your system regularly, it goes a long way to preventing AC disasters from happening.

Also, keep in mind that many AC companies recommend a “top off” if you have low Freon. This is only a band-aid on the issue. Pretty soon, a Freon leak will cause expensive problems in your AC system. Go with a company that will present you with all of the options, not just a band-aid that will cost you money in the long run.

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