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The Key to Having Clean Air in Your Home

Clean air is something that we often take for granted, especially in our homes. We just assume that, unless we live in a smog heavy city like Los Angeles, that our air is always clean. However, come Spring, the renewed life of nature around us also brings plenty of dust and pollen to the air.

While that may not sound like that would dirty your air, if you are an allergy sufferer, you are familiar with the misery that comes with high dust and pollen counts.

Even if you are not prone to seasonal allergies, the dust and pollen can find their way into your homes as well and cause you problems. There is an often overlooked factor to help to make sure the air quality in your home is clean and relatively free of allergens.

The Problem With High Allergen Air Quality in Your Home

healthissuesYour home is supposed to be a sanctuary from the outdoors, even if you love being outside. Prolonged exposure to the dust and allergens in the air can exacerbate regular allergies, making them a constant struggle.

It can even get to the point of causing rashes or other skin conditions. However, that’s not all that dust and pollen in your home can do. Your body, even when you aren’t allergic, is constantly creating an immune response when faced with high levels of allergens in the air.

This can wear the body down, helping you feel a little under the weather. It might manifest in minor headaches, congestion and fatigue. You may even feel like you are just recovering from a small cold but, really, it’s your body’s immune response to everything in the air.

Perform Regular Air Filter Maintenance For Clean Air

airfilterMost of us have an HVAC system and all of those systems come with air filters so that should be the end of that problem, right? Not so much.

While there are plenty of high tech filtration systems out there, including ones featuring UV sanitation, most air filtration is only as good as the maintenance performed on them.

The good news is that the maintenance is fairly simple, just keeping up with replacing the filter. The bad news? Many homeowners fall woefully behind on this simple task. One major reason is that people don’t actually know how often they should replace their air filter.

That’s because it’s not a simple answer. It’s really dependent on the number of people and pets in your home, plus a bit of how the air quality is around your house. A professional at Easco Air will happily give you an estimate of how often to change out your filter.

Saving Money With Every Filter Replacement

savingmoneyWhile you may see changing your air filters out regularly as an expense, it really can contribute to saving money in the long run. If your HVAC system is circulating air more easily because of a clean filter, it is not having to work as hard, using less energy.

This will reduce your monthly energy bill. In addition, less hard work means a longer life span for your system, delaying the eventual need for costly repairs or replacement. There is a reason so many HVAC professionals can be seen covered in the dust this time of year.

It’s because we are often called to service malfunctioning systems as the weather warms up and a major cause of a malfunction is improperly maintained air filters. As the dust and pollen comes out in a plume as we change the filter, in our heads, all we hear is Queen’s song “Another One Bites the Dust.” If we are covered in it, that means you were breathing it in. If you want to ensure you aren’t the one breathing in all that dust, call an expert at Easco Air at (936) 539-2653 and we’ll be happy to help.