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The Rise of Solar Energy Systems & Going Green

Sustainable energy is the way of the future! With technological advances making it more and more feasible for the average American home to run on solar systems, the time has come to take a look at some of the advantages to switching to sustainable energy, as well as some exciting advancements in the world of renewable energy!

Importance of Going Green

It goes without saying that reducing your carbon footprint and "going green" is considered important by many Americans today. With the global population continuing to grow, and politicians constantly promising to "reduce our dependence on foreign oil," it becomes more and more important to find renewable energy sources every day!

Not only does "going green" preserve our planet and it's natural resources for the next generation, but it also helps create more jobs for the current generation. The most popular sources of sustainable energy we see today are solar power, wind power, and hydropower (or water power), but scientists are working to develop new ways to make sustainable energy every day.

Sustainable Energy Pros

The most widely acknowledged benefit (and also the most obvious) to using sustainable energy is that the sun, wind, and ocean can provide energy to run our largely electronic world without fear that we’ll one day deplete our power source.

While this is important, and certainly a relief as fossil fuels diminish more and more each year, there are so many other pros to switching to sustainable energy! Sustainable energy can also save you a ton of money on your electric bill! For example, a home powered by 20 solar panels can produce enough energy for the home to run, while also reducing the annual energy cost by up to $2,000!

Solar systems and other renewable energy systems also provide the opportunity for individual households to become independent of utility companies, and even the potential for the nation to become completely independent from foreign oil companies. And since solar systems produce more energy than fossil fuels, whatever power you don't use gets sent back to the utility company, which may entitle you to a stipend from hem for using your energy!


Sustainable energy also has the power to improve not only public health but even lower health costs and improve the quality of life on a personal level. Because power sources like the sun, ocean, and wind don't emit pollutants when they're harvested, they don't cause health effects like cancer, heart disease, and neurological disorders.

See-through Next Generation Panels

The latest breakthrough in solar energy comes to us from researchers at Michigan State University, who back in 2014 developed the first ever fully transparent solar cell. What does that mean for the world of solar powered homes?

As this technology has continued to develop, we now have the technology to power a home by sunlight, without installing unseemly panels on or next to the house! While this is still a relatively new concept to residential solar power, the concept of replacing windows with solar panels means more power to your home without having to mount panels on your roof!