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What Memorial Day Means to Us

Soldiers who fought and died during the Civil War did not have the benefit of heated or air-conditioned accommodations to comfort them after a brutal day of marching or fighting.

Their willingness to endure war to ensure a more prosperous life for future Americans has helped us bloom into the most advanced nation that has ever existed.

Freedom isn’t free, something that few people understand and celebrate more than Americans. On this Memorial Day, we remember the soldiers who have given their lives so that we may enjoy ours in whatever way we see fit.

Decoration Day - The Start of a Tradition

decorationdayMemorial Day’s roots go as far back as 1861 when Southern women first decorated the graves of fallen Confederate soldiers. Some scholars believe that the first annual commemoration occurred in 1866 when women in Mississippi decorated the graves of both Union and Confederate soldiers.

Much of the fighting occurred in the South, so many Northern soldiers rest alongside Confederate soldiers. Noble Southern women felt that both side’s dead deserved their mourning, so they decorated all of the soldier’s graves.

In 1868, Decoration Day was adopted in the North as well, and by 1870 Michigan had declared it a state holiday. Initially, Decoration Day was primarily spent adorning the graves of fallen soldiers and mourning their loss, but the holiday grew in scope over time.

Women’s organizations across the United States meticulously organized Decoration Day celebrations. They planned the decorations, the parades, the songs, and the speeches. Some women’s groups even created and distributed handouts to help other groups and cities enhance their Decoration Day celebrations.

Remembering All of Our Fallen Armed Services Members

armedforcesAlthough the holiday originally commemorated fallen Civil War soldiers, in the early 20th century it grew to celebrate the lives of fallen service members from all branches of our Armed Forces.

Often in the most uncomfortable conditions, our brave young men and women go across the globe to protect us against those who would threaten our democracy. Because of our soldiers, we’ve been able to innovate and grow into the most prosperous nation in the world.

In homes across our country, people simply flip a switch to turn on their air conditioner. This and all of the other benefits of indoor electricity are a gift that we only have because our service men and women have kept our homeland safe. Congress solidified the importance of commemorating our fallen soldiers on Memorial Day when they declared it a national holiday in 1967.

The declaration also moved the celebration date from May 30th to the last Monday of May. The three-day Memorial weekend is a treat for Americans and is now the unofficial kickoff to summer. While we may spend most of the day enjoying the beginning of warmer weather and barbeque season, we should also take a moment to remember why we get to relax with our friends and family.

Gratitude for You, Our Client

thankyouclientsWe have the incredible ability to live the American Dream, a large piece of which is having the freedom to build our own business, Easco Air Conditioning and Heating.

This wouldn’t be possible without our soldiers, and it wouldn’t be possible without you, our loyal clients.

Today, we’re grateful not just for the soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice for us, but for you as well. Thank you for allowing us to live our dream.

This Memorial Day when you walk back into your air-conditioned home after barbequing your burgers and brats, take a moment to remember those who died so that you can live.

Remember those who have made our country great. Let’s spend today celebrating our freedom, but also remembering all of the lives it took to get us where we are today.