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If you’re new to Texas, you may be surprised by the winter weather—it can dip into the 40s at times. That’s why it’s always good to be prepared with a working central heating system.

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When Should You Call for Professional Heater Repair?

An unexpected problem with your heating system impels you to make a decision: fix it yourself or call a professional. It’s also tempting to let the problem go away on its own, if it seems like a minor issue.

We understand that professional heating repair service can be a financial hurdle for some. But we urge homeowners to get help if the heating problem persists, especially if their system has been around for well over a decade. Frequent heater issues not only add to your repair costs, but they also contribute to higher utility bills and lower indoor air quality.

Symptoms of a Failing Heater

Your heater makes your home more comfortable by providing consistent warmth even on the coldest days. It’s not uncommon for heaters to fail suddenly, but more often than not, there are usually symptoms that can help you know when to call the professionals. Here’s what to look out for to help prevent an untimely breakdown in the middle of a cold winter:

  • Unusual Sounds It's perfectly normal for your heater to make some noises when it’s operational, but any loud or strange sounds should be a cause for concern. There are high chances that you’re already accustomed to the noise your heater makes when it’s working normally. If you start to hear loud rattles, pops or bangs, then your furnace is about to give out.
  • Bad Odors Any bad odors coming from your heater may be an indication that there’s something wrong. For instance, electrical furnaces may develop metallic or burning smells when they’re about to fail. A leaking gas furnace may produce a rotten egg smell. With help from our expert technicians, you can determine the underlying cause of the unpleasant odor.
  • Uneven Heating An optimally functional heater will deliver consistent warmth to each area of your premises. If you start to notice uneven heating, this could indicate that your furnace is due for repair or replacement. At Easco, you can count on us to diagnose your heater and recommend the most viable solution.

Why Invest in Heater Maintenance?

Every heater should be inspected and maintained at least once a year. This is crucial for two main reasons:

  • It significantly reduces the likelihood of experiencing a major breakdown, especially if maintenance is performed shortly before the cold season starts and after it ends. Maintenance costs little while a major breakdown can set you back thousands of dollars in repairs or replacement.
  • Maintenance also leads to high-efficiency levels. A well-maintained heater offers better efficiency in terms of energy costs, which can translate into hundreds of dollars of savings on utilities each year. In fact, maintenance costs are often lower than the amount many people save on heating and energy.

Heater Maintenance Plan

Easco Heating and Air Conditioning offers a comprehensive heater maintenance plan that typically includes inspections and cleaning in both spring and fall. Our technicians are highly skilled at detecting common problems that arise after minimal use (fall inspection) and regular use (spring inspection) to detect problems before they escalate into costly repairs or replacement. We are equipped with advanced diagnostic tools to test, inspect, clean and calibrate your heating system for optimal performance.

Nobody likes an inefficient heater or untimely breakdowns, and that’s why we will contact you in Spring and Fall to schedule maintenance on your heater.

What to Expect From Us

With 24-hour emergency availability, we’re ready to tackle your toughest heating problems no matter the time or day. You will be greeted by a friendly professional whenever you call, who will listen to your needs and schedule a service visit at a time that works best for you.

Once your Easco technician arrives, they will evaluate the problem and locate the source. We take the time to ask questions, listen to your concerns, and make sure you are well-informed of the situation. Then we will present you with your options.

In most cases we perform repairs on the spot. But if you have an older heater, we may recommend replacement. In either case, we discuss your options with you in detail to help you come to the most cost-effective decision.

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