Solar Systems

Going Green Is Not Just a Dream!

In 1983, Clyde Tauriainen founded Energy Alternative Service Company, EASCO. Improved solar application technology, coupled with generous Federal Energy tax credits, fueled Easco’s dream of increased independence from traditional fossil fuels and negative carbon footprint impact. Easco has designed and installed both grid enhancing and grid independence systems for residential and commercial applications from solar ready air conditioning units to solar attic ventilators. Easco helps people just like you beat the Texas heat in a more sustainable fashion. Let the experts at Energy Alternative Service Company help you!

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Fantastic 30% Energy Tax rebates from the government and manufacturers make this the perfect time to upgrade or install a solar powered A/C system. You can achieve the highest energy efficiency with these systems without sacrificing comfort! They are perfect for residential, commercial, government or institutions such as schools and churches. Solar really is a great long term answer without leaving a big carbon footprint.

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If you are interested in learning more about Solar heating and cooling systems, or simply want to discuss it further with a specialist, feel free to call us at EASCO. We would love to share everything we know about Solar energy with you, and we will even come out for no charge and look at your property to help you determine if Solar heating and cooling is a viable option.

Solar-powered systems can help you earn tax rebates and save money! Call the experts at Easco Air Conditioning and Heating to see if a solar system is right for you!