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Celebrate Air Conditioning With These Patriotic Fun Facts

Check Out These Weird (But True) AC Facts

There’s nothing like coming home during a hot summer day to bask in the cooling air flowing out of the AC system. It helps dry the sweat, restore energy, and stay comfortable. AC is essential in Texas in the summer. Without it, certain demographics would be at increased risk of heat-related injury. So, there’s much to give thanks for when it comes to air conditioning. So, to commemorate National AC day, here are some fun facts about air conditioning!


July 17th: National AC Day

It seems that there’s a day for everything these days. But, if there’s one invention that has revolutionized the way people live, it’s that of the air conditioner. Life would be very different without air conditioners. Whether in the home, the car, or at work, air conditioners work tirelessly to keep people comfortable and cool. They help maintain a regular temperature, keep the air clean, and control the moisture in the air. So, this National AC Day, there’s a couple of ways to celebrate. 

One way to commemorate National AC Day is to get out of the house for a little while during the day. Work up a sweat (safely, of course) and then head back into the nice, cool house. Take a few minutes to relish in the comfort and convenience of the AC unit. But the best thing homeowners can do for AC Day is schedule routine maintenance! Caring for the AC unit helps it function well so the home can stay comfortable. 

Where Was AC Invented?

There’s no better month in which to celebrate National AC Day than July. Not only is it one of the hottest months of the year (for those in the northern hemisphere, anyway), but it’s the same month when America’s Independence Day happens. This is fitting because AC was invented right here in the USA. 

Willis Carrier submitted plans for the modern AC system in 1902. He was working as an engineer in New York, and the AC plan was his solution to a problem that a Brooklyn publishing company was struggling with. The summer humidity was affecting the company’s ability to put out its products. So, Willis devised a way to cool their building while simultaneously pulling moisture from the air. It was a resounding success!

No “Summer Blockbusters” Without Air Conditioningtheater

Pretty much everyone has heard the term “Summer Blockbuster” at some point. It conjures images of big-budget movies with household-name actors. These days it means lots of visual effects and, often, superheroes. But, believe it or not, the air conditioning had more to do with the term than movies did. 

Back in the 1930s, air conditioning wasn’t in every household like it is now. But certain businesses saw the potential in installing an AC in their buildings. Movie theaters were one of these businesses. So, people would line up around the block during the sweltering summer days, waiting to get into the movie theater. The move? It was an afterthought. They wanted to get out of the heat and into that wonderful AC!

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