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Protect Air Quality During the Holidays

Tips to Keep the Air Clean Inside the Home

The holidays are coming, and everything has to be perfect. The Thanksgiving turkey has to be a beautiful golden brown, and the home has to be ready to receive holiday guests. With all preparations in place, the holiday can be a huge success. 

One of the aspects of a clean home that is often overlooked is the indoor air quality. With guests coming over for the holidays, the air has to be clean to keep them safe from lung problems, and the home must be dust-free and clean. But how is one supposed to go about cleaning up the air in the home? Here is a quick guide to help owners finish their homes just in time for guests to arrive.  

Install New Air Filters 

air filter Air filters are an important part of home hygiene. Although they are primarily intended to protect heating and cooling machinery, they also greatly reduce dust in the home. Controlling dust is essential to keeping surfaces clean and presentable for guests. To start, always install new air filters every three months. This ensures that clean air filters are always in service to remove the maximum amount of dust. 

In addition to keeping AC equipment running properly and reducing dust in the home, fresh air filters also help protect people from lung problems during flu season. Some of the issues that cleaner air can help alleviate are: 

  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • COPD
  • Chronic sinus infections 
  • Dry cough
  • Nasal irritation 

Schedule Evaporator Coil Cleaning 

The answer for those who have ever wondered how an air conditioner removes humidity from the air is the evaporator coil. During the summer, the evaporator coil is rapidly cooled by refrigerant. The moisture condenses and drains away as warm, humid air flows across it. While this process is natural, one of the consequences is that the combination of moisture and small dust particles that make it through the filter creates the perfect breeding ground for mold and pathogens. 

To prevent this problem, have the evaporator coil cleaned once a year. Removing grime from the coil improves indoor air quality and allows the air conditioner to run more efficiently. Schedule spring and fall AC maintenance to ensure a professional does coil cleaning. 

Have an Indoor Air Quality Assessment Done 

indoor air quality testingThere are all kinds of contaminants in indoor air that people don’t even realize are there. Some of the most common pollutants that are in every home are: 

  • Dust and dust mites
  • VOCs
  • Volatilized cooking oils
  • Aerosols from cleaning agents
  • Bacteria
  • Mold
  • Poisonous gasses like carbon monoxide and radon 

Improving indoor air quality can be done by treating specific contaminants. Having an expert perform an indoor air quality assessment can help owners develop a strategy to clean up their air. Find a local expert and do an indoor air assessment before the holidays so guests can enjoy their time in pure air. 

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