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Choosing the Right Dehumidifier for a Home

Keep the Home Comfortable and Bills Lower with a Dehumidifier

One of the main elements of quality indoor air is the amount of humidity present at any given time. Air that is high in humidity, as so many homeowners in the Huntsville area can attest to, is muggy, sticky, and prone to causing health problems and high cooling bills. When an air conditioning system is designed, the technicians consider how much humidity is likely to be present and adjust the size of the machine accordingly since an air conditioner will remove humidity from the air. However, when renovations happen, or seasonal humidity gets too high, the air conditioner will fail to keep up. This is where dehumidifiers can take up the slack. 

For homes with clammy air in the summer, these local dehumidification installation specialists offer advice to help. 

What Is a Dehumidifier and Why Are They a Good Idea?

A dehumidifier is an important piece of equipment in the HVAC world. The ideal comfort level for the humidity present in the air is between 40-60%. Contrast that with local weather conditions, and it’s easy to see why an air conditioner can’t remove all of the humidity present in the air. 

A dehumidifier works to remove excess water vapor in the air. Some of the benefits of having one include:

  • Lower Bills: Humid air is hot air. It feels less comfortable. As a result, people turn the thermostat down to try and overcome the heat with cooler air. Sadly the result is cooler air that is clammy.
  • Optimal Health: Air that is too humid is not only uncomfortable, but it can also be dangerous. Excess moisture is like fertilizer for mold spores that circulate in the air around the home. As mold spores are encouraged, respiratory problems can occur.

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Choices for Dehumidifiers

Luckily for homeowners, there are multiple ways to take advantage of dehumidification technology.

  • Single Room Dehumidifiers: Standalone units that are effective but need to be emptied regularly to keep air dry.
  • Ventilation Dehumidifiers: Usually used in the basement or bathrooms. Fans turn on to remove moisture-laden air to prevent it from spreading around the home.
  • Whole-Home Dehumidifiers: Package units that install in line with current HVAC equipment to keep the whole home at the right humidity level.

Selecting the Right One for Each Home

Picking the right style is done on an individual basis. An air quality expert in the HVAC industry will be the go-to source of knowledge in picking the right style for each home. The expert will likely walk around the home and pick out potential sources of the high humidity before they make a recommendation. They will also consider the style of air conditioner present so that appropriate accommodations can be made. 

In the end, homeowners can have peace of mind and confidence that they will have selected the right type of equipment for the job. In no time, homeowners can get back to enjoying cool, dry air all summer long. 

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