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Celebrate Earth Day in 3 Different Ways This Year!

Anyone Can Implement These Eco-Friendly Practices This Earth Day!

Earth Day only comes once a year, but it’s a good time for homeowners to reflect on their energy consumption. Helping the earth and the environment is easier than ever with the advent of new green technologies. However, it doesn’t need to take a monetary investment in new technology to help reduce energy consumption. 

There are some simple ways homeowners can go green this Earth Day. From things like opening windows and keeping indoor plants to best practices like AC maintenance. Read on to discover these powerful ways to celebrate Earth Day. 

Open Windows Means Free Air Conditioning

It’s easy to get used to using the AC any time it gets warm outside. But sometimes it’s best to use nature’s air conditioner: the wind. Opening two or more windows in the house can create a nice cooling breeze to keep the home comfortable. This is a version of free air conditioning because homeowners aren’t using electricity to cool their homes.

Indoor air quality is often significantly worse than outdoor air quality, so opening the windows also provides a breath of fresh air, literally. It can rejuvenate the air in the home, remove bad smells, and reduce the utility bill. Even those homeowners that live in cities with poor indoor air quality can benefit from opening their windows once in a while. Pollutants, allergens, and chemicals tend to build up in homes that rely only on their HVAC system for ventilation. Opening the windows at night, when traffic flow is low, can help clear the home’s air. 

Indoor Plants “Greenify” the Home’s Air

air-cleaning plants
Next up on the list of ways to celebrate Earth Day involves adding indoor plants to the home. Although recent studies have debunked the myth that typical house plants purify the air, they can have other benefits. When used in conjunction with a well-functioning HVAC system, indoor plants can benefit the home by adding a little bit of oxygen and removing trace amounts of chemicals and toxins from the air. This isn’t often enough to impact the home’s air quality overall, but it’s better than not having them. 

Houseplants also reduce stress and improve productivity. They look good and make homeowners feel good. Plus, as a general rule, the more plants alive on earth, the better. 

Reduce Energy Consumption With Regular AC Maintenance

someone changing filters
The third way to reduce energy consumption and celebrate Earth Day is by properly maintaining the AC system. Perhaps the easiest and most powerful thing homeowners can do for the AC system is to replace the filters regularly. When the filters aren’t replaced on time, the AC system works harder to bring air through the thick and clogged filter. This causes stress to the components of the AC system and increases the energy bill. 

Spring maintenance is also essential for a well-functioning AC system. When professional HVAC techs get called in to check on the system, they can prevent issues that increase energy consumption. They can also head off expensive HVAC emergencies and save homeowners money. 

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