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woman with a working heater

Avoid the Holiday Humbug of a Broken Heater

Save the Holidays from a Busted Heater!

The holiday season arrives right along with the colder temperatures of winter. As the nights grow colder, a home’s heater becomes the primary source of comfort for its occupants. Preventing a surprise heating failure is essential to keeping the holidays merry and bright. Keep reading to discover the signs that point to a failing heater and learn how to prevent a broken heater from ruining the holidays.

Signs the Heater Is Damaged

Damaged heaters give plenty of warning signs before giving out. If any of the following signs start appearing, give a local HVAC specialist a call right away to fix any problem before it becomes a big issue.

  • Strange Sounds: If there are knocking, banging, or screeching sounds coming from the heater, something is amiss. A loose part, leak, or other damage can result in strange noises and signify that an HVAC specialist needs to give the heater a once over.
  • Strange Smells: An odd smell coming from the furnace is common the first time it turns on for the cold season, but it shouldn’t last long. If any strange smells are coming from the vents, call an HVAC company right away. The problem could be as small as dirty ductwork, but strange smells can also indicate gas leaks and other serious problems and should be investigated right away.
  • Dirty Air: If the air is dusty or musty, the heater may be to blame. A damaged or poorly functioning heater won’t circulate air properly and will fail to filter it efficiently.
  • A Chilly House: A cold home is a sure sign that the heater needs attention. Cold spots in a home indicate an inefficient heater and typically need to be solved by an HVAC specialist.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detection: If the home’s carbon monoxide detector is going off, the source could be the heater. If a heater breaks or starts leaking, dangerous carbon monoxide can seep into the home. This is an extremely dangerous situation and health hazard and needs to be handled by an HVAC professional right away.

Don’t Forget the Thermostat

turning the thermostat on
If there are heating problems in the home, the heater may not be the only source. The thermostat of the home signals to the heater when hot air needs generated to warm the house. If the thermostat is malfunctioning, it could be giving the heater the wrong signals.

The following are good things to check:

  • Check the Temperature: Check if the thermostat matches the actual temperature in the home. If it doesn’t, something is wrong with the sensor.
  • Check the Response: Verify that the heater kicks on when the temperature is increased on the thermostat. If it doesn’t, the connection to the heater may be faulty.
  • Check the Power: Make sure there’s power going to the thermostat. If the screen is dark or the thermostat is unresponsive, the thermostat may need to be replaced.

How To Prepare Before the Technician Arrives

Before the technician arrives, homeowners can take some steps to make the inspection and repairs go as smoothly as possible.
what to do?

  • Prepare the Information: Gather the serial number, model, and age of the heating unit. If there has been any recent maintenance or other records, collect those too. Be sure and write down any steps taken to test the heater or thermostat before the technician was called.
  • Clear the Way: Make sure the path through the house to the thermostat and heater is clear. Technicians bring tools and supplies with them and need a clear space to work.
  • Put Away Pets: Be sure and put pets away before the technician arrives.

Keeping a home comfortable during the winter is a priority for all homeowners. As guests arrive for the holidays, keeping everything toasty becomes even more important. Prepping the house for the holidays should always include giving the heater some extra TLC. Homeowners should be sure to work with a reputable HVAC expert to inspect the home’s heating setup and make sure it’s ready for the holidays!

Let a Local HVAC Expert Help!

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