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Ductless Heating and Cooling: What Are The Benefits?

How Ductless Heating and Cooling Works

Central heating and air conditioning has been around for many years. Though it is often still used in new construction, particularly in larger buildings, a new heating and cooling system in town is worth looking into. Ductless heating and cooling, also called mini-splits, is a highly efficient heating and cooling system that uses heat exchange technology to heat and cool homes without needing a heat source. These are ideal for families and households saving money on temperature control. It can be a seamless installation with many year-round benefits.

Ductless is Energy Efficient

Every homeowner likes an appliance that can pay for itself. One of the biggest advantages of the ductless system is that it tends to lower energy bills. There are several reasons that this is the case. It concerns the heat exchanger and the lack of ducts that cushion against heat loss.

  • Heat Pump Technology: The beauty of ductless heat pump technology is it moves heat from the indoors to the outdoors in warm weather, cooling the home, and in the winter, it pulls heat from the outdoors and moves it indoors, keeping everything toasty. The heat pump needs no heat source because the air always has energy. This means it runs with great efficiency.
  • No Heat Loss: One of the biggest reasons for inefficiency in traditional HVAC setups is energy loss through the air ducts. The temperature-controlled air becomes slightly warmer or cooler than leaving the HVAC unit. This loss of energy is negated because there is no ductwork in the mini-split system.

There is no way for a ductless system to have an air leak because it uses coolant inside copper tubing to move the heat to or from each individual head(the indoor unit) or temperature zone.

Installation is Easier With Ductless

Converting to a central heating and cooling system can be particularly difficult in older homes. If the home is newer and previously had ductwork, it would probably be easiest to upgrade by buying a new HVAC unit for air conditioning or heating installation. However, the conversion to a ductless system is often much simpler than going for the more traditional one. The reasons for this are listed below.

  • Ductless systems do not need the space traditional HVAC systems do
  • They can be installed where space is limited
  • They are great for older homes with little or no attic or basement space
  • It is less labor intensive and therefore is often less expensive as well

A Ductless System Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

The most appealing thing about mini-splits from day to day is the ability to set different temperature zones in the house. Home comfort often doesn’t mean the whole house is the same temperature. Some people prefer it cooler than others, and those zones can be set accordingly. The indoor air quality is also better with mini splits because there are no ducts for allergens to lurk in. This prevents the spread throughout the house.

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