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a woman with a broken heater

It's the Heater, Not a Haunting! How To Know When a Heater Is Failing

Don't Let Horror Movie Night Become a Heater Nightmare!

Shiver-inducing movies are a blast on Halloween night, after all, who doesn't love a good cinema scare? Homeowners may enjoy a good thriller now and then, but they usually prefer to keep the scares away when it comes to their heater. Broken heaters can quickly ruin any Halloween movie night.

Watch out for these three warnings that something wicked is coming straight for the heater!

A Chilling Home

The icy touch of a ghost should be the only cold thing to fear during Halloween. If the home feels like a freezer and the thermostat is on, it's time to investigate the heater.

Cold homes often come bearing several warnings of eventual heater failure:

  • Cold Spots: It is probably the easiest to notice these signs as cold spots often form in rooms furthest from the furnace. Sagging or leaking ductwork can also contribute to cold spots, as less hot air reaches rooms with damaged ducting.
  • Thermostat Always Needs Tweaking: If a homeowner finds themselves constantly increasing the thermostat and finding the home is staying cold, it's time to take a closer look at the heating system. Sometimes, the thermostat itself is to blame and may need replacement, but the heater is usually struggling to keep up with the home's demands.
  • Constant Cycling: The furnace kicking on to warm the house is often a welcome sign that it is working. However, if it keeps turning on every hour or so, it's a sign that heater troubles are happening.

The Heater Sounds Haunted

a woman hearing unusual sounds

No one wants ghostly noises ruining a goodnight's sleep, but a broken heater may do just that. Damaged heaters can make awful noises that would fit into any horror movie's soundtrack. From screeching to banging, each noise usually points to a different type of problem affecting the home's heating system.

These noises include:

  • Screeching and Screaming: High pitched squealing and screeching often indicate a loose or misaligned blower wheel. Occasionally, this noise can indicate a broken blower wheel as well. The blower wheel blows hot air through the ducting and is essential to keeping the home warm. If screeching keeps homeowners up at night, they should have an HVAC specialist investigate the blower wheel.
  • Booming:  When thunder seems to be booming from the furnace, its combustion system is usually at fault. If dirt or grime has built up in the furnace, combustion will require more force, causing a small explosion with the furnace to light the burners. The booming will often repeat every time the furnace kicks on until the grime is removed.
  • Banging: If there's a terrible amount of banging sounding when the furnace is running, something needs tightened up or supported. Loose or unsupported ductwork can bang around when hot air is rushing through it. Thankfully, this problem is usually easily fixed by tightening and supporting the fixtures at fault.

A Gruesome Electric Bill

Rising electric costs are usually the first sign of heating problems a homeowner notices. When the electric bill jumps up higher than normal as temperatures outside drop, homeowners should look for heating problems. When temperatures become colder, heaters naturally need to work harder to keep a home warm. While some increase in electric costs is expected, there shouldn't be a massive hike in costs. Resolving the source of the heating problems, whether ductwork, furnace, or another cause, will help keep the electric bill at a more normal level during the cold months.

a stairway of bills

If surprise heating problems loom, reach out to a local HVAC specialist for help. Regular heater maintenance and a diligent eye can keep the home warm and ready for a fang-tastic Halloween movie night in!

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