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Three Signs AC Replacement Is in the Near Future

Determining When AC Installation Is the Best Idea

Home improvement projects are fun, but they are a constant balance between dreaming and redesigning a home and budgets. During most home improvement projects, budgets are focused on improvements that enhance the atmosphere and look. One thing that shouldn’t be forgotten when making plans is the air conditioner. A reliable air conditioner is worth far more in comfort for a home than any aesthetic improvement could ever be.

Instead of overlooking such an important system in the home, look at the air conditioner. Upgrading the air conditioner before it’s too late can increase the value of a home and save families from the misery of losing the AC during the summer. Here is a quick guide from local professionals encouraging homeowners to take stock of the air conditioner before the summer heat arrives.

Something Sounds Off

Old air conditioners are no strangers to mechanical problems. For homeowners considering replacing the AC, they likely have had to pay for multiple repairs in the last few years. One of the common symptoms of an AC that is having mechanical problems is the sounds that it can make. Sounds that can indicate trouble are:

  • Squealing of belts
  • Grinding of bearings
  • Thumping of loose parts
  • Hissing from air leaks
  • Rattling of metal grinding on metal

If these noises have been common, then so have repairs. As repair bills add up, sensible homeowners will look to save money by considering AC replacement.

Energy Bills as Unbearable as the Heat

Keeping up with cooling bills in the summer is only slightly easier than trying to beat the heat. When temperatures soar, old air conditioners have a hard time keeping up, resulting in higher energy bills.

Even though cooling bills are likely a huge portion of monthly bills, they tend to creep up over the years. The reason for cooling bills that steadily rise is due to an air conditioner in steady decline. The older the unit is, the less efficient it will be and the more expensive it is to operate. Eventually, one should replace the system simply to lessen the burden of monthly cooling bills.

Other Hints to Look Out For

AC installation is a big decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Homeowners should look for as many signs as possible to justify the cost of a new AC. A few more signs that AC replacement is best are:

  • Humidity Problems: Old AC units leave humidity hanging in the air. This contributes to high bills and a clammy feeling that doesn’t go away.
  • Foul Odors: Humidity problems are the direct cause of foul odors. When mold and mildew grow in AC units they make a house smell musty.
  • Long Cycles: One aspect of high cooling bills is long cooling cycles. Longer cycles mean higher bills because the AC can’t keep up with demand. They are the sign of deeper underlying problems that often end up with AC replacement.
  • Inadequate Airflow: Along with electrical efficiency, an AC loses mechanical efficiency, meaning it can’t disturb air easily. This leads to poor air circulation and hot and cold spots around the home.

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