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3 Tips to Help Homeowners Cut Cooling Costs

Stay Cool and Save Money

Unfortunately, summer utility bills will skyrocket due to soaring heat and humidity. Could homeowners lower their cooling bills without sacrificing comfort? Luckily this isn’t a fantasy, and the changes are probably easier than most people think. Here are some tips from local experts to help homeowners stay cool without breaking the bank this summer.

Try a Programmable Thermostat or Smart Thermostat

smart thermostat Reducing cooling costs may seem obvious: simply turn the air conditioner off. The problem with that is that the home will soon be unbearably hot. The true answer lies in the middle of these two extremes. Homeowners need to run the air conditioner only when someone is around to enjoy it.

This tactic would have been a huge hassle until the last few years. Someone would have to remember to turn the thermostat up before leaving the house and then turn it back down when they got home and sit and wait while the home cooled. Modern technology has taken away the hassle with programmable thermostats and smart thermostats.

A programmable thermostat is a digital thermostat that allows the homeowner to build a schedule for when they want the AC to work. A typical schedule would keep the temperature lower in the evenings and overnight and allow the home to warm slightly during the day. A smart thermostat uses motion sensors so that homeowners don’t have to program it. It simply learns a family’s habits and adjusts the temperature to save them money. Both options are nearly thoughtless and can easily drop cooling bills in the summer.

Stop Drafts with Weather Stripping

Most people think about drafts being a problem in the winter, but they are a problem all year long. Wherever drafts are found, they represent a huge inefficiency for a home's cooling. Another tip to save money is simply applying weather stripping around drafty areas to keep out the heat and cool air inside.

Doorways and windows are great places to start since they represent the biggest inefficiencies around a home. There are many different materials to choose from with their own advantages and disadvantages. By using weather stipping, homeowners can reduce their heating and cooling bills year-round.

Use the Fans

ceiling fanSince the answer to reducing cooling costs is all about using the air conditioner less, there has to be some way to keep comfortable as the indoor temperature creeps up towards uncomfortable levels. The answer is likely already available in most homes. Fans are an excellent way to make warmer temperatures more bearable.

Fans can save a ton of money by raising the thermostat by several degrees and using their power to cool a room. While fans don’t actually cool a room down, they make a warm room seem cooler to occupants by pushing air past their skin. When fans turn in the correct direction in the summer (counterclockwise), rooms can be warmer to save money without sacrificing the comfort of cooling air.

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