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Three Tips for Making the Central Heater More Green This St. Patrick's Day

Heat Your Home the Green Way This St. Patrick's Day!

Going green may seem impossible without major changes in the home, but this is not so. In fact, homeowners can make some small changes to help "go green" as St. Patrick's Day approaches. It's important to remember that these things add up over time. Even small changes can have a big impact when practiced regularly. Anything that helps lower energy usage will also help lower energy bills, making it a win-win. So read about three tips for heating the home while "going green" this March.

Use Ceiling Fans the Right Way

During the cool winter and early spring months, ceiling fans in homes nationwide are still. This is because most people only use ceiling fans to cool off. Of course, the air currents these fans create can help homeowners cool down their home. But they can also help distribute heat throughout the house, allowing the heater to run less often.

In winter, ceiling fans should move clockwise. This is because the clockwise rotation creates an updraft that helps move warm air that accumulates near the ceiling. This gentle stirring of the warm air at the ceiling can help keep the room warmer for longer without the central heating system running. Of course, the lowest speed setting is best for this.

Stay Up on Filter Changes

Even those homes utilizing ceiling fans in the colder months must stay on top of filter changes. Changing the HVAC system's filter is the easiest way to ensure the heater operates optimally. This is because filters become clogged when they aren't changed on time. And when they become clogged, they make the HVAC system work harder to heat the house.

At a minimum, homeowners should change their filter at least once every 90 days. This is the maximum amount of time a filter should be in. Some homes, such as those with several pets, should change their filter more often. It also depends on the type of filter that's used. An HVAC professional can help determine a specific household's ideal filter change timeline.

Invest in a Smart Thermostat

Last on the list of heating efficiency tips is using a smart thermostat. These new thermostats are always striving to improve efficiency without sacrificing comfort. They do this in several ways, depending on the type of thermostat used. Most of them start by learning the schedule of the members of the household. They can also tell, using geofencing, when a family member is getting close to home. These factors allow the smart thermostat to optimize comfort while saving energy.

Some can even learn the preferences through household members' interactions with the thermostat. They can also determine, over time, how long it takes to get a floor or room to optimal temperature. This is much more energy-efficient than older programmable thermostats that run on a rigid schedule and aren't capable of making changes for the better. Plus, many smart thermostats offer real-time data and reports to help homeowners see how much energy they use over time!

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