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Air Quality

Maintaining Good Indoor Air Quality is Easy with these 4 Tips

One of the most critical aspects of healthy life at home is air quality. You may have a HEPA air purifier, and that is a great thing to have, but there is so much more you can do to improve the air quality in your home.

Whether you have allergies to dust or feel that the air in your home is stale and stuffy, here are four tips to help you improve your home's air quality.

Products That Are Green

Non-Toxic CleaningIn the golden days of television, some of the most memorable commercials were those for household cleaning products. Who doesn't remember the jingle for Mr. Clean? Chances are you have some of those products in your cabinet where you keep all your cleaning things.

Well, in 2001, a new type of product emerged. Product brands like Method were created for those knowing of the residues that the mainstream cleaning products left behind and questioned if the toxins were affecting the health of those in the house. Today, Method is a household name brand along with several other green product lines. Health conscious consumers have made a shift to green products that help keep their home and the air in it, as clean as possible.

Plants That Clean the Air

Air Filter PlantEver notice the air in rooms with a lot of plants just feels better? This is because plants clean the air we breathe. If they do it in the forests, why not in your living room?

They remove things from the air like ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, and xylene. Contaminants like these are harmful to your health, though you may never have known they existed.

The spider plant, ferns and any species of Dracaena are excellent choices for air filtering. You may be boasting a green thumb before long.

Open a Window or Two

Fresh AirWhen the weather outside is beautiful, you typically wouldn't hesitate to open a window in your house. You do so to let in some fresh air because you feel that the air in the house has become stale and unpleasant.

The bonus is that when you open two or more windows, you create a vacuum that exchanges the stale air for fresh.

You have gotten rid of more toxins and impurities that have built up over time than you might think. An open window flushes your house of all the unwanted stuff in the air and lets you breathe a little easier.

Change Your HVAC’s Air Filter

HVAC FilterAs air is taken into your HVAC system, a filter catches much of the solid particles that would otherwise be spread throughout your home.

The filters that your system uses fill with dust more quickly depending on the air quality in your home already. Check them and change them as needed.

The harder your furnace has to work to push air through the filter, the longer it will take to regulate the temperature in your home.