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R-22 and R410A?

What Is The Difference Between R-22 and R410A?

r22Since 2012, the HVAC industry is required to switch from using the commonly used R-22 refrigerant that has been deemed bad for the environment by the EPA. This change is per the Federal Clean Air Act. The recommended replacement refrigerant is R-410A, which has been deemed a safe refrigerant.

Now, there are a lot of units in circulation with the old refrigerant. The price of refrigerant has steadily increased over the years. This year we’ve seen the biggest price jumps yet, especially since R-22 will no longer be manufactured after 2020. Prices from our vendors are changing (increasing) daily. Some refer to it as liquid gold, no joke.

What Should You Do Now?

If you own a system using R-22 refrigerant it is not necessary to change over if it is functioning properly, but get regular maintenance every spring and fall. Don’t Wait. Trust me, a spring or fall check-up is less costly to do than an emergency repair.

What Happens If Your System Develops A Leak?

Changing over the system from R-22 to R-410A is not an easy task. What most people don’t know is the refrigerants are not compatible. You can’t just add in the new recommended refrigerant, R-410A. The switch must be done by professionals because not only does the refrigerant need to be changed, but parts and equipment must be changed as well.

Should You Change Your System?

If your system is over 10 years old there are benefits to switching to a new system that utilizes R-410A:

  • The confidence that you are now utilizing an environmentally safe system.
  • There may be rebates and a deduction on your federal tax return.
  • And my favorite–Reduced Electric Bill. How? When the system is installed correctly — by a well-trained, qualified service company like.. Easco (Really, I couldn’t help the shameful plug J). Seriously though, R-410A runs at a higher pressure, converting temperatures more efficiently, thereby reducing your energy costs and lowering your electricity bills.

So if any of these options are viable for you or if you have any questions, put your mind at ease and call EASCO… The Woodlands…281-367-2653..Conroe 936-539-2653 or Huntsville/Willis…936-295-3333.

Our HVAC technicians are certified to work with and handle both R-22 and R-410A. We offer annual maintenance agreements and tune-ups, as well as provide superior repair service.

We are licensed and regulated by The Texas Department Of Licensing & Regulation. TACL A965C & TECL26399